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Flight delays, cancellations, denied boardings and baggage related issues – the app will take care!


Step-by-step guide will take you through the entire claim process – no need to study various materials!


You can check your rights in twinkling of an eye right at the time of inconvenience.

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It’s not necessary to be connected to the internet, everything important is stored in your smartphone.

Budget friendly

No need to overpay lawyers. You can do everything on your own and pay us for written complaint only if needed.


You are not alone. Contact us anytime and we will do our best to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it completely free of charge?

The download of the app from the Play Store is free of charge. To assess your situation and determine your rights, you needn’t pay a penny – that’s great, isn’t it? However it may happen that the airline refuses your claims even if they are based on legal principles. In that case, you can use the app to create the written complaint and send it to the airline – just for a small in-app fee amounting to € 7.99. We guarantee 30-day money back without any reason.

Does the service work globally?

That’s our mission. Unfortunately the legislation relating to air passengers’ rights isn’t unified all around the world thus we must move gradually. We developed a sophisticated system that chooses the appropriate legislation framework depending on your flight details. Currently, full features of the app can be used for outbound and inbound European Union’s flights (inbound flights must be operated by European carriers). The baggage related issues work almost worldwide.

What about U.S. flights?

See the question & answer above. Currently, US passengers can use the baggage feature (delayed, lost or damaged) for US outbound flights. Inbound flight baggage issues work too but the flight must originate in the Montreal Convention contracting country – too complicated, huh? Don’t worry, try the app and it will take care.

Is there an iOS version of the app?

Not yet. Currently we are in a phase of beta testing with the Android version. Once we maximally tweak the app to your needs and liking, we immediately start developing the iOS version. The more feedback we get the faster the iOS emerges so please spread the word out.

Do you guarantee a success of my claims?

We guarantee that your claims are enforceable in accordance with appropriate legislation. We also guarantee that the complaint will contain all necessary information so there won’t be any obstacle during the processing of your complaint. However, we aren’t able to guarantee that the airline decides not to comply with your claims even you are entitled due to their internal rules. In this case, you can escalate yout complaint on your own or you can use our complaint management tool which is currently under construction.

Do you send the complaint to the airline?

Yes, that’s another huge benefit for you. You don’t need to browse the internet and search for airline’s contact details. Once you create the complaint and pay us the fee, we will send it to the airline on your behalf. Be aware that it can take us up to 12 hours to process your request. Once we process it, you will receive a confirmation email together with complaint details. From this point forward, it’s your turn to further communicate with the airline but you can write us anytime for the support.

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